A little about me.

Hi I’m Jen…

I am a 29 year old (freaking out about turning 30 in October) mother of a 16 week old baby boy. Though I have but one child, I have worked with children for many years, +/- a decade. I also have an associate’s in Early Childhood Education, and a bachelor’s and a master’s in psychology. I have provided childcare for children from age 0-5 in home, daycare, and school settings.

My experience in childcare has taught me that while many new fancy techniques exist, the most effective strategies tend to be the simple “old school” ones. These old school techniques I call “common sense” because it seems that the common sense approach has been set aside in favor of those that seem unrealistically creative. That said, I believe that one parenting technique does not fit all families and therefore parents must learn to understand their children and tweek all advice to fit.

I call this tweeking “going with your gut”, because we as mothers have a built in alert system that tells us what feels right and what doesn’t. Therefore, I hope that my experience will be beneficial to some of you because this journey, let’s face it, is the hardest one we have to face.

Stay tuned…

-The Common Sense Mama-

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